Alaturka Pension, which is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world now serves you with a yoga platform. Imagine waking up at sunrise and going for a walk towards the forest. Imagine walking while breathing the exquisite fragrance of the nature. Trees greet you and the new day. And then, an area welcomes you in the mountain. Together with nature, you sit there to do yoga and meditation in silence. It's a great place to greet the Sun in the morning while smell of laurels is touching your soul among orange and lemon trees. If you are looking for a calm place for both your private and group works, this place is just for you.

Canoe Tours

It's a great activity where, paddling along the beach in the sea towards Ceneviz Bay in single and double canoes, you can roam the large and small caves at the end of the beach, dive from proper areas into the sea and take a rest in particular places. This sport activity, which you will attend with a guide, will last for around three hours

Rock Climbing

Are you bored with regular activities? Are you searching for more exciting experiences? Then we invite you to Olympus, to rock climb in a natural wonder destination where steep rocks meet the deep blue sea.

Yacht Tours

We invite you to an activity where you can roam Olympus' precious bays and at stops, you can enjoy the taste of blue and green at the same time while refreshing yourself in the splendid waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Yanartaş or Chimera Tours

Are you ready for a unique experience in Çıralı, Yanartaş, which is the fire of Olympus which doesn't go out, a wonder of the nature and a source of natural gas?


An organization where you can observe the great nature of Olympus with a guide and witness the miraculous past of Olympus while doing physical exercise.

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